FNF vs Mario v2

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The fun provided by the FNF category won't stop any time soon, that's for sure, so we're very happy that at this moment we can share with each of you an amazing new game called FNF vs Mario v2, where you're going to fight against the most popular character again video games, and in this V2 version you will have the following custom songs: Help BF defeat Mario in a classic FNF battle! In story mode or free play mode, try to reach the end of the songs by playing all their notes according to the diagrams, because that's when you win. How to do it? Well, watch out for when the arrow symbols above the BF head match up with each other and you'll have to press the same arrow keys yourself. Be careful not to skip keystrokes too many times in a row because if that happens you will end up losing and have to start all over again from scratch. Enjoy! Mod Developers: QuickestFire: Artist, Animator, Programmer & Music Editor Shigeru Miyamoto: Mario Creator Koji Kondo: Original Song Composer

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