FNF Vs Matt’s Pursuit Deluxe Edition

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FNF Vs Matt's Pursuit (Deluxe Edition) is the newest mod on our website that features the beloved WiiSports Matt, who has one of the highest number of rhythm games in this category of any character, and this new version of the character also brings with a ton of new and fresh songs for battle. Let's beat Matt in his quest for FNF supremacy! In the main menu, you will make a choice between story mode and free play mode, after which you must do your best to reach the end of the songs by playing all their notes according to the tables, regardless of the mode selected. To do this, you watch for when the arrow symbols float and match over BF, the moment you will press the same arrow keys to hit notes. Don't miss too many of them in a row or you will lose. Good luck! Mod Credits: Jaronjackpot: graphics and effects DanielDigl: Coding, remastering some art and fixing garcello bias. Revilo_: Knockout and Fursuit chart, music and art, old mod coder. LilTangy: sunset and night backgrounds

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