FNF vs Mega Mogus

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Mega Mogus is a really chunky red impostor among us who has now made his way into the world of FNF, with this character and a song named after his name, inspired by a meme gif, like many rhythm games in this category. so this game is fun and funny at the same time! Use the music to help the FNF fighter defeat Mega Mogus! There is only one mode so hit the play button to start and play all your notes according to the charts until the song is over to win. This means that when you see matching arrow symbols above BF's head, you need to press the identical arrow keys. Be careful how you do it, because if you miss a few notes in a row, you will lose and have to start over from scratch. Good luck and all the best! Mod Credits: Inner Sloth: Created Among Us Azazel's Fire: Art, Animation & Directing VMan_2002: Coding, Charting bubba: Drafting Bradley HandL: Amogus Clowfoe: VS Imposter

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