FNF vs Meri (that one fangirl)

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Mary is Ron's biggest fan as she even looks like a folder but when they finally met in person Ron found her annoying so now he wants to get rid of her by beating her in a battle of rhythms which you will help him with the songs. Help Ron get rid of his annoying female fan! In both story mode and free play mode, the path to victory is the same – until the end of the song, which can only happen if you play your notes according to the diagrams. So, when you see matching arrow symbols above Ron, you press the same arrow keys. Know that if you don't do this several times in a row, it will result in your loss, so be careful that this doesn't happen! Mod Credits: UNUSUAL YIKES DUDE: Artist/Sprite Sheet jose_otavio1000: Enysmo Enysmo: Song/Mary's coding

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