FNF vs Michael The Walking Cat

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Michael is a cute white cat who can walk, but did you know that he can also sing? Well, he is quite a formidable musician, so he has now challenged Boyfriend to a rap battle in which we hope you will help our protagonist win as usual, and you will do it in songs. Show us that you have a better rhythm than a cat! Whether you choose story mode or free play mode, it doesn't matter, because either way you have the same goal – to reach the end of the songs by playing all their notes according to the diagrams. To do this, when the arrow symbols above the BF match, you press the same arrow keys and keep doing this until the song is over to be the winner. If you miss hitting those keys multiple times in a row, you'll lose and have to start over from scratch, so focus on making sure this doesn't happen to anything in the world. Good luck, enjoy and stay even more! Mod Developers: StickyBM: Director / Dialogue ChrisLad: Programmer / Coder TQBM_Meta: Composer Red: Background Art 0Wilde: Charter Gubler: Michael Final Form

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