FNF Vs Microsoft Paint

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Help BF defeat various Microsoft Paint characters and scribbles created in this iconic computer drawing and coloring program. This mod is not only unique and looks very interesting, but also contains a lot of great songs that you can enjoy. FNF x Microsoft Paint, the crossover you didn't even know existed! Whether you face these characters in story mode or free play mode, you only win by reaching the end of the songs anyway, and you only reach that point if you play all your notes according to the tables. This means you watch out for when the arrow symbols float and match over BF's head, and press the identical arrow keys. Be careful not to miss pressing these keys too many times in a row, otherwise you will lose and have to start over from scratch. Enjoy! Mod Credits: Thehairyblueberry: Director/Composer/Scheduling/Programming RespectRox: Performer/Charts CrusherMods: Programmer

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