FNF Vs Microwave (FULL WEEK)

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Yes, in the Friday Night Funkin Games online world, even the Microwave can be an antagonist for the Boy, as it seems that everyone and their mother want to challenge our protagonist in the battle of the rhythms, so we invite you all to try this brand new mod to help our main character to win the battle of the beats, with this full week that has three amazing songs. Bring the warmth of the music to beat the Microwave! After choosing whether you will challenge this character in either story mode or free play mode, do your best to reach the end of the song by playing all of his notes along the way, which you do by pressing the arrow keys at the same time , which is the arrow symbols above the BF match. Of course, this means that you have to be careful not to miss pressing too many keys in a row, because if that happens, you will end up losing. Good luck and look forward to more! Mod developers: David Putis: sprite creation, coding, music, plotting Oliver Adams: second song creator RyPlayzYt: Sender

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