FNF vs Muse Tunz

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Mance Toonz is a cyberpunk-like character from the future who came to fight boyfriend with music, so here you are, invited to play this new mod and do your best to beat the rap battle character that you are. going to make the next custom songs. Use the power of music to defeat the futuristic Muse Tunz! Whether you choose story mode or free play mode, you will have the same goal – to reach the end of the song and play all of its notes, what you use, using the arrow keys, the keys you must press at the same time that the arrow symbols overhead BF match each other. If you miss the keystrokes too many times in a row you will lose, so we do our best and hope it doesn't happen and instead you win and have a lot of fun! Mod Developers: Yorklay: Director, Musician Teen: Coder, Programmer Aka_goshh: Artist Menu Maka Aikawa: Charter Person.exe2222: Charter / Coder (Main Menu Settings) Knivesprites: Artist (Bg, Custom Icons) Lone_Drifter: Sprite Artist, Logo Designer (as well as the title screen drawing)

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