FNF Vs Nubert Mod (My Man)

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A brand new opponent from Deltarune has appeared in front of the FNF boyfriend and we are talking about a red drop named Nubert who you will now have to defeat in his fashion with only one song, only one, but a really cool song. in what is called the "world of nubert", where we have no doubt that you will have a lot of fun! Show us that you have a better rhythm than Nubert right now! After pressing the play button, as the song progresses, when it's your turn to sing, you will see an arrow floating around BF, and when they match above his head with these symbols, you will need to press the same arrow key on your keyboard. Keep doing this until the song is over to win, but be aware that if you skip keystrokes too many times in a row, it will result in you losing and having to start all over again. Good luck have fun! Mod developers: MagmaIsVeryGoodBoy: Mod director, assisted with art BuckO_TheFurry: Charter for phase 1 Kotekpljojo: Charter for stage 2 Just a cold ghost: Charter for phase 3 : Musician 2 phases Le (un) Funny Man: Artist Cool: /: Artist Robbie Ray plays: Artist Grapes09: Artist Egg Overlord: Created sprites Ridzwan05: Animated the whole mod Ridzwan05: Coded the whole Shadow Mario mod: Psych engine creator RiverOaken: Artist and Psych Engine animator Other Psych Engine developers: For Psych Engine. Toby Fox: Cyber World

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