FNF vs Pibby Corrupted Bugs Bunny

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Corrupted versions of your favorite cartoon characters continue to appear in the FNF Games series for you to beat in rhythm battles, and that's what we're excited to offer you to do right now with the awesome FNF vs Pibby Corrupted expansion. Bugs Bunny where you will have one track known as "Bugged". Use the music to defeat the corrupted Bugs Bunny and bring him back to normal! Press the play button to start, and then when it's your turn to sing, press all the notes you have on the table, which is what you need to do until the song is over to win the game. To hit these notes, you follow the arrow symbols above BF's head to match and press the identical arrow keys on the keyboard. Be careful not to miss these notes multiple times in a row or you will lose the entire duel and game. Good luck, enjoy! Mod Developers: CowEnjoyer: Charter cacdastral: Composter HayseedHere: Shadow Mario Vocalist: Fnf Game Engine

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