FNF vs Pibby Mouse (Clubhouse Chaos)

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The FNF Pibby virus has now reached Mouse, and only you and the music can bring him back to his former depressive self by winning songs in the Clubhouse Chaos mod, which is only one, called "leagacy.AVI"! Let's enter the FNF Clubhouse Chaos and defeat Pibby Mouse! As the song progresses, when it's your turn to sing, arrow symbols will appear above BF's head, the moment you need to press identical arrow keys, and if you keep doing this until the song is over, you'll be the winner. Be careful not to skip these notes multiple times in a row or you will lose and have to start all over again from scratch. Enjoy, have fun! Mod Credits: lightywighty: Mickey's sprites Pibby's sprites background image thumbnail fashion menu decoration Joe Horse: Mod posted Composed "Legacy.avi" Animated cutscene sprites. pappo rappo: Graphics Sprite Menu Yoshifan33: Sprite Animator

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