FNF vs Pibby We Bare Bears

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Oh no, even the friendly We Bare Bears got the Pibby virus, so now when damaged, only you and BF can defeat them with music to bring them back to normal, which is what you did with other CN characters before, but this time you do it in a song called "Brothers". Let's use the music to get Pibby out of the We Bare Bears brothers! Press the play button and then press all your notes according to the diagrams until the end of the song to win, so when the arrow symbols match above the BF head, you will press the same keys with arrows, but be aware that if you don't do this several times in a row, you will lose and you will have to start all over from scratch. Enjoy, good luck! Mod Credits: Lingerton: Made a Cartoon Network Mod: Watch the Show

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