FNF vs Pokemon Gardevoir

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Two of the most popular video games in the entire world are now teaming up with each other in an awesome new game called FNF vs Pokemon Gardevoir where you get to fight this Pokemon character, so instead of grabbing it with Poke Balls, you'll be throwing music and rhythm to win by completing all three songs. Catch them all with the power of music! After choosing between story mode and free play mode, try to reach the end of the songs by playing all their notes according to the diagrams, so when you see the arrow symbols above the BF head matching each other, you need to press the same arrow keys and keep doing this until the song ends. Be careful not to press the wrong keys too many times in a row, because in this case you will lose and you will have to start the game again from scratch. Enjoy! Mod Developers: Fruitsy: Director / Dialogue LEON_BROTHER: Main/Lead Programmer ShawSure: Main / Lead Artist NazeDev: Main / Lead Musician sirj455: Main / Lead Charter Nintendo: Pokemon Series Creator

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