FNF vs Pokemon Trainer Red

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Trainer Red from Pokemon is now in FNF and you and BF need to give him some music training by showing him who the real rhythm champion is, what you will do in an amazing song called "Pokemon Master". Use the music against the Red Pokémon Trainer! As the song progresses, when it's your turn to sing, press the arrow keys at the same time so that the same arrow symbols match up above the BF's head. Be careful not to miss the opportunity to do this several times in a row, as this will lead to a loss. Reach the end of the song successfully and you win! Mod Credits: Valengarfy / @ oh_pls_jsjss – Artist & Animator @BRN101Dev – Coder and Voice of Red in this mod @benjiworldowo – Charter @KimakurusMusic – Musician

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