FNF vs Pokemon Wooper

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A boyfriend stumbled upon a Pokémon safari area where he met Wooper, one of the cutest water Pokémon in the entire pocket monster world, and now he's trying to catch him. As you know from previous Pokemon FNF games, you don't throw balls at it, but throw punches and bars at it, as you need to defeat this Pokemon in a custom song music battle. Catch Wooper with the power of music! When you see the arrow symbols above the BF head matching each other at that time you will have to press the same arrow keys and you need to keep doing this until the song is over to win because this is how you follow the diagram and if you will come to the conclusion you are a winner. Be careful not to skip keystrokes too many times in a row, because if you do that, you'll have to start all over again. Plus, you can fight this Pokémon in story mode or free play mode, so choose one and then start pushing this game to the max! Mod developers: TheLunar27: Made all the art NoiceBroice / BatBrice: Created the logo animation. Yatots: Helped with credits NoiceBroice / BatBrice: Created a rare event and did all that was left saqzar: Refactored all code to run in Psych after a Kade Engine crash, HUGE cheers as the mod would never have been published without your buddy! Shiverbunnies #6694: Fixed a silly bug that we couldn't figure out for 3000 hours Creataurus: Created electriczaire vocals: Created Jatotz instrumentals: Created the first draft of Shiverbunnies #6694: Updated Safari graphics Creataurus: Updated graphics for Critical Shadow Mario: Made Psych Engine Nintendo / Game Freak / The Pokemon Company: Created Pokemon and Wooper

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