FNF vs Queen Bee Sectonia

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Sectonia is the name of a huge queen bee, literal and not just a nickname, and she left the bee world to challenge Boyfriend to a musical battle as she wants to assert her dominance over humans, but we know very well that you and BF will not allow happen, and instead win the fight like always! Help BF defeat the queen bee in a musical battle! You can challenge this new insect character in either story mode or free play mode, it's up to you and in both of them you have to do your best to reach the end of the song by playing all of their notes. right without missing too many of them, because then you will lose. The notes are played with the arrow keys as you press the keys at the same time as the arrow symbols above the BF line up with each other and you have to hold them down until the song ends. Good luck and enjoy! Mod developers: XaraKuma: art, graphics, sprites, animation Light MetaS: Made a remix for the Third Song. Nintendo: HAL Lab

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