FNF vs Raff

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Raff is a character that looks like a traffic light come to life, making him one of the most unique villains in the FNF series, where right now we hope you try his mod and give it your all. beat him in all his custom songs. Don't let Raff stop the boyfriend on the music highway! After you have made a choice between story mode and free play mode, when you duel in a song and see the arrow symbols above the BF head matching each other, you need to press the same arrow keys yourself and hold them until the song ends for the win, that's it! Be careful with missing notes, because if it happens too many times in a row, you will lose. These are the simple rules of these games, so give it your all now and start the fun! Mod Developers: FuntimeFNAF: Art & Creator PJ9DTHEIII: Coding & Programmer ExoticMudkipz: Music

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