FNF vs Rayman

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Rayman from the video game of the same name is now in FNF as he becomes the newest antagonist that you and BF will have to face, and you will do so in the next two songs: Boy vs. Rayman, let's go! As the song progresses, when it's your turn to sing, you'll see the arrow symbols float and match over BF's head, the point where you have to hit the same arrow keys, which you have to keep doing until the song ends. win. Don't skip keystrokes multiple times in a row because that will cause you to lose and have to start over from scratch. Good luck! Mod Credits: CKFORBES2: Lead ARTIST, Director, Sprite Artist, Lead Artist, Concept Artist Qwacktrap: Sprite Artist, Background Artist, Concept Artist NocnaFifi: Background Artist, UI Artist, Concept Artist Pinkie_Catorsa: Advertising Artist, Concept Artist Shirltuber: Concept Artist, Icon Artist Brickboy: Lead Sprite Animator, Concept Artis TOB_DEV: Lead Programmer. BubbleDoodle Charter: Former Programmer, Concept Artist StampS: MekaZeff111 Programmer: CHARTER LEAD, Cool Guy Pedro M64: Composer, BF Voice Actor GIN: GF Voice Actor

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