FNF vs Richard the Crypto Adviser

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Richard is not the guy you want to be giving cryptocurrency advice as he will probably scam you so when BF heard this he challenged him to a musical battle ASAP so he can't do his scams. more! Well, we invite you to play the game called FNF vs Richard the Crypto Adviser right now and defeat this vile antagonist in the following custom songs. Defeat Richard and take his cryptocurrency! Since this is a mod for the whole week, you can play the game in either story mode or free play mode, it's up to you and your goal is the same in any of them, which reaches the end of the songs by playing all your notes. according to the charts, and then you win. To do this, use the arrow keys, press them at the same time so that the arrow symbols above the BF head match each other, but be careful not to miss this too many times in a row, otherwise you will lose the whole game and get to start again. Enjoy! Mod Developers: Cerbera: Director, Charter, Writer jyrocopter: Artist, Animator, Cutscene, Pilot Voice ash237: Programmer, Co-Writer DPZmusic: Musician (Songs 1, 2 & Menu) SimplyCrispy: Musician (Song 3) Evity1: Additional Programming

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