FNF vs Ritz

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Ritz is a cool and trendy mouse who is also quite an experienced rapper, so he and Boyfriend are in a battle right now, a musical battle that you have a chance to take part in right now by playing this mod where you have to duel on the following songs . Guy vs rat, who has the best musical ability? Whether you fight this character in story mode or free play mode, the way to win is to reach the end of the songs and play all of his notes according to the diagrams, because if you miss playing too many notes correctly in a row, you end up losing and have to start from scratch. As far as how you press notes, you watch when the arrow symbols match up above BF's head while pressing identical arrow keys on the keyboard at the same time. Good luck, we wish you lots of fun and hope to see more of you here today, like any other day, for that matter! Mod Developers: NLeeBoy: Creator and Composer CheeZ SmashingBag: Encoder EduaRRdo: Ritz Sprites Shtekeman": Squeak Composer Enysmo: Rat Composer (Enismo: Rat Composer) sirfitness: Ratbattle Composer OneBorb: BG ImCuriousYT: Charter B3GFSimp: Charter (ugly) EffectsNotAffects: Charter

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