FNF vs Roblox Guest 666 (Unwanted Guest)

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The guest of Roblox 666 is unwanted as he is a literal demon, a music demon, so now he is fighting with Boyfriend in the battle of rhythms, the new battle of FNF, which we invite you to win on his behalf, something that you will now do with some great songs, which you will like. Let's use music to bring Roblox Guest 666 back to blocky hell! Whether you play in story mode or free play mode, you will only win if you reach the end of the songs, and this is done by pressing the BF notes according to the diagrams. To do this, you watch for when the arrow symbols float and match above his head, the moment you will press the same arrow keys. Know that if you don't do this multiple times in a row, you will lose the battle, so be careful that this doesn't happen. Good luck, we wish you all the best! Mod Credits: StarCannon: Code, Art, Music, Backgrounds Vincio_Dev "EffectsTM Meeting: Rust concepts, idle animation FunnyFudge: Guest 666 Sock Animation" emotional support xd

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