FNF vs Ron: The Resurrection V2

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Ron's Resurrection was a pretty popular FNF mod, so of course we'd be happy to bring you a brand new version of Ron right now, a second one featuring this yellow character with a folder and his other funny friends. , with many new cool songs. Resurrect your rhythm in a rap battle against Ron! Whether you're playing in story mode or free play mode, your goal is the same – reach the end of the song by playing all the notes according to the diagrams, because only then can you win the music challenge. To hit notes, you use the arrow keys by hitting them at the same time as the arrow symbols above the BF match each other, but be aware that not doing this too many times in a row results in a loss, so be careful. Good luck and we hope to see you win! Mod Developers: Knocks: Owner, UI CyberByte: Chief Programmer, Co-owner of CoolSz: Overhaul jacks_fnf: Chief Composer armandronan: Chief Artist kurtfan5468: Master Charter, UK Page Designer BlueBoyeet: Composer Assistant, Bloodshed Creator firey7k: Composer Assistant, Atelophobia Creator Ekical: assistant programmer, charter, co-owner GenoX: third-party programmer (he just got here) Rareblin: Second composer coquers_: composer, creator of Wasted wildythomas: Dialog Writer (dialog writer rewritten) : Artist ExplorerEvan: Back-Up Artist Mr. Dead Memes: Composer Mario Produ: SapNap Game Tester: Naora Cow Play Tester: starshy Tester: Playtester ChromaSen: Crepa Bitto Play Tester: neolea Game Tester: Playtester BurntToast: Capstone Tip: Soulegal Artist, Advisor: translator for Spanish Niko: translator for Latin America wildythomas: programmer and composer Bob's Onslaught phloxio: Owner of Bob's Onslaught Donnie: head artist of Bob's Onslaught wildythomas: For Existing, I suppose? SnowTheFox: Cool GB Manager: Sunglasses: Bijuu Mike: For playing our mod! Ron: It's literally Ron!!! (cool) StickyBM: A cool person who does cool things (in a cool manner) oofius maximus: bloodshed ron animations v2.5 thanks 😀

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