FNF vs Sarvente’s Mid-Fight Masses B-Side Remixes

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Sarv and her friends from her chapel are back for you and Boyfriend to fight her in a rhythmic battle, this time with remixes of the original songs from the full version of the mod, and you can now play on their B-side. Experience Mid-Fight Mass once again , this time in a new way! Choose between story mode and free play mode, and then try to reach the end of the song by playing all your notes to win, as this is the only way to do it. When the arrow symbols above BF match, you will have to press the same arrow keys yourself. Of course, if you miss pressing these keys several times in a row, it will result in a loss and the need to start over from scratch, so you must be careful that this does not happen. Enjoy and stay with us for more fun! Mod Developers: Solio_GL: Director, Alternative Charter, Coder jakek128: Alternative Charter, Musician El_Cyaan: Basic Charter

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