FNF vs Sly Remastered

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Sly is a musical FNF antagonist who hasn't been seen in quite some time and we're really excited that he's now making his way back with a remastered version of his original mod, which was definitely a lot of fun, so now we invite you to enjoy the songs again, but on this one times better, or, experiencing it for the first time. Be the slippery music out there, right now! After making your choice between story mode and free play mode, give it your best to get to the end of the songs anyway, which is the only time you win. To hit those notes, you need to use the arrow keys, so when you see the arrow symbols match up above BF's head, press the identical arrows from your keyboard. Know that if you skip hitting those notes multiple times in a row, you will lose and have to start again from scratch. Good luck and all the best, we want to wish you all! Fashion Credits: Samthely: Director, Music, Sprite, Art, Cutouts, Graphics, VoiceLemonking: Lead Coder RunnerDude127: Music, Action Voice Teniente Mantequilla: Psything Porting/Coding VIDZ: CODER. Forms animation spinners: ZENOKWEI AKA ILUVGEMZ encoder: Sutassau encoder: Fatcat122 encoder: IL TOFU sprite animator: mmmaple sprite animator: CRITVA sprite animator: Voice game, Quake Remix CommanderLilac: Charting Discwraith: Charting ZENUSPUSIORE_: MODCHARTING. Callie Mae: Quake Remix Sheenoboo: Quake Remix Charting

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