FNF vs Snorlax

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Fights between FNF games and Pokemon games are always very well received by the visitors of our website, so we are glad that right now we can share with you a new and amazing game like FNF vs Snorlax where right now you will have a lot of fun fighting with this huge sleeping pokemon what you do in the following songs. Wake up Snorlax with your musical abilities! After choosing between story mode and free play mode, play the notes of the songs at the right time on the charts when it's your turn to come to their conclusion and win. This means that when the arrow symbols above BF match, you must press the same arrow key. Do not miss the opportunity to do this several times in a row, as this will lead to a loss. We wish you all good luck and invite you to stay for more to come, you will love it! Mod Developers: JadTheFat: Leader/Hard Charter/Main Coder SullyBoy: Music Composer WWNera: Chief Artist Specifically John: Charter for Normal/Simple Port and Mac Port

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