FNF vs Sophia (Dance With The Dead)

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Right now, we are excited to share with you the perfect new Friday Night Funkin mod for Halloween October, as right now you are invited to have fun with an amazing game like FNF vs Sophia. (Dance With The Dead) where you have to defeat this skeleton raised from the dead in the following songs. Defeat the skeleton with music and send it back to the grave! This game can be played in both story mode and free play mode, and the goal you are pursuing is the same in both: play all the notes of the songs at the right time in the table, and once you reach the end, you are the winner! To play notes, make sure that the arrow symbols above BF match each other, and press the same arrow keys on the keyboard yourself. Don't miss the opportunity to press the keys too many times or you will lose. Mod Developer: Guy named: Art, Music, Programming, All Jazz

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