FNF vs Suction Cup Man v2

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Suction Cup Man, one of the funniest characters to grace our FNF games category, is back and we're thrilled that in addition to his first three songs, he's got two more of them as it's a new week ahead. So that you can enjoy right now playing FNF vs Suction Cup Man v2 online where you will fight him on the tracks. Defeat Suction Cup Man with your incredible musical abilities! To start, choose between Story Mode and Free Play Mode from the game's main menu, and then, either way, do your best to reach the end of the songs by playing all your notes according to the diagrams. . How it works? Well, you use the arrow keys to play the notes, pressing them simultaneously so that the same arrow symbols above the BF match each other. Be careful not to miss clicking on them too many times in a row because you will end up losing the whole game. Good luck, and don't stop there, as we hope to see more of you here today where the fun never stops! Developers mod: polaroid119: director, coder, artist ColonelN00dle: week 2, director Zomagon: artist, animator Kaylee: musician velachlor: musician, statute StereoSlash: musician DevShibe: musician dip: musician Maxwell Flinch: YOU jqhnathan: wah for boyfriend kipper: he big boy JCWB819: Piemations cutscene editor (original credits) floxio: he made a bob Clowfoe: he made among us

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