FNF vs Sulayre (Creative Burnout)

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We love it when mod makers from the world of Friday Night Funkin games get their own mods where they become characters for The Guy and you have to win, as it happens today with Sulair, the creator of the Vs Matt mod, and many other cool ones, with which you will now encounter in a whole host of great songs. Don't show burnout in your musical abilities and win the battle! After choosing between story mode and free play mode, try to get to the end of the songs by playing all of their notes, because that's how you win, but don't miss a few notes in a row, because if this happens, you lose and have to start over from scratch. When you see arrow symbols floating and matching over BF's head, press the same arrow keys to hit notes, but hitting them too early, too late, or the wrong key counts as a miss. Good luck, enjoy! Mod Developers: Suleyre: Composer, Coder, Sprite Artist ItoSaihara: Background Artist WitherJPG: 6K RandomInc. Charter: 9K Foxeru Charter: 7K GenoX Charter: Sulayre MozaicoTheHuman Voice Chromatics: Maritza Derker Bluer Sprites: Original Composer Lovely

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