FNF vs Team Fortress 2 (Mann Co)

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FNF vs Team Fortress 2 (Mann Co.) is the best FNF mod you can play right now where all your favorite characters from this classic video game come together to dance and sing rather than shoot each other and you and BF will try to defeat them all. Take part in the best FNF battles with TF2 and Mann Co.! Whether you're playing Story Mode or Freeplay Mode, and no matter which difficulty level you choose, the path to victory remains the same, that is, reach the end of the songs, and this will only happen if you will play all your notes according to the diagrams, correctly. This means that you have to make sure that the arrow symbols above the BF match each other and press the same arrow keys at the same time. Be careful not to skip these notes too many times in a row or you will lose and have to start over from scratch. Enjoy!

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