FNF vs Werewolf (Livid Lycanthrope)

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The Guy always has the option to fight mythical creatures using music such as werewolves just like it is happening now on our website where you have to defeat this wolf man of the night on the following custom tracks: Howl your notes and win musical battle! Whether you choose story mode or free play mode, the way to win is the same: by reaching the end of the songs, which in turn you do by playing all their notes according to the diagrams. This means that when the arrow symbols above BF match, you need to press identical keys on the keyboard. Be careful not to skip this multiple times in a row, because if it does, you'll have to start over from scratch. Good luck, enjoy and don't forget to spend more of our daily entertainment! Mod Credits: Ardolph: Director / Musician / Menu UI Designer ash237: shadowfi Programmer: Clarre Programmer: Cutscene Aritst OblivionDowning: Demon Lycurgus Character Icon / Song Cover Artist EyesOfObl1vion: Arrow Design / Demon Lycurgus Sprite Artist ScorchVx: Lycurgus Sprite Artist / Game Artist jyrocopter: Background Artist BorbTheOne: Cutscene Aritst MaiRaccooN: Cutscene / Thumbnail Aritst Uniimations: Advertising Artist Kanidths: Helper / Storyboard / Cutscene / Demon Lycurgus Sprite Artist kayndeez: Commercial Video / Cutscene Artist / Cerbera Menu UI Designer: CyrusFox Charter: proofreading vMaya Reader/Dialogue Writer: Reader Proofreader/Dialogue Writer super.JRF: Dialogue Editor Avery: Dialogue Writer Cougar MacDowal: Voice of Lycanthrope skieonsta: Voice of Vluska's Girlfriend: Trailer Editor/Cutscene Musician and Editor OhSoVanilla: NetBa Sprite Animator: Cover Artist Varcolac Shinio: Artists to the characters of Lycurgus

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