FNF vs Wratcher

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Wratcher is the newest FNF antagonist that you and BF will be fighting on our website and you should be very excited as new characters don't show up that often lately but today we have one and a new song called Never "! Boyfriend Vs Wreatcher FNF Cave Battle! Press the play button to start, because if there is only one song, there is only one mode, and do your best to reach the end of the song by playing all of its notes according to the charts, the only way to win. This means you'll be watching for matching arrow symbols above BF's head and hitting identical arrow keys at the same time. Be careful not to miss this multiple times in a row or you will lose the whole game. Enjoy! Mod Credits: Wratcher: Directors, Sprites, Intermediate Event, Level, Game Over DPZmusic: Nevermore yon: Main Menu Art, Lineart Level Art FlurryWhipDraws: Level Coloring & Shading Wratcher: Sprites, Intermediate Events, Icons, Logo anonymouse: Background Level Encoders: BCTIX Shpilok: Charters MekaZeff111: Unfortunate BruceDaWorst: difficult

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