FNF with Lila and Ena Sings EEEAAAOOO

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Lila and Ena are both two characters who haven't been around in the FNF games category for a while and we're really happy that now they're both turning at the same time, in the same fashion where they're going together to sing the iconic track known as eeeaaaooo which is sometimes attributed to creepy children. Drink eeeaaaooo with two fan favorite FNF ladies! Press the PLAY button to start and give it all to get to the end of the song and play all your notes according to the charts, winning once when it happens. This means that when the arrow symbols match over your character, you need to press the identical arrow keys from your keyboard. Be careful not to skip pressing the keys multiple times in a row, as this will cause you to lose. Good luck, we wish you all the best and we invite you to stick around for more daily games to play! Mod developed by: RenxTheHeegeghog: level and song Sunspirit: Lila Skin Rhubarb: Ena Skin

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