FNF x Hero’s Journey

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We really hope you all are ready for the new big FNF online game which has many songs, new character to face and which was created by a special team who created amazing backgrounds, cool sprites and made it. do we mention that the songs are rock? The Hero is a new character that the Boyfriend, an up-and-coming singer who practices a lot, comes across, and for an extra dose of fun, there's a secondary character to fight, one that looks like the Hero but is actually a villain pretending to be one. You have what it takes to defeat the Hero! Then give it a try now! In Story Mode or Free Play Mode, play the notes of the songs according to their schedules with timing so precise that by the end of the songs the progress bar is tilted in your favor! To do this, when you see arrow symbols matching over BF, be sure to press the same arrow keys to match them, but be careful not to play them at the wrong time or you will lose the whole game. Developers: Programming ninjamuffin99 Art by PhantomArcade 3K and Evilsk8r Music Kawai Sprite Mod Developers: OneilR (Author, Animation, XML Wizardry, Graphics) AshaTelethia (Author, Programming) Wizzkidwas (Programming) Saruki (Week 1 Music) fueg0 (Week 2 Music Tutorial)

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