FNF X Pibby: Glitchy and Corrupted Powerpuff Girls

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Even the PowerPuff girls couldn't escape the PIBBY FNF virus as they are now glitched and corrupted so the only way to save them is if you play this new rhythm game and beat them in a battle that we are sure you will really enjoy Performing from start to end, with the mod having one really cool song called "dissonance". Defeat the depraved PowerPuff girls and save Townsville, FNF style with music! As the song progresses, when it's your turn to sing, you'll see the arrow symbols corresponding above the BF head, the moment you need to press the same arrow keys, something you should keep doing without missing notes several times in a row as this leads to you lose. Good luck, enjoy! Mod Credits: Willow of the Woods: Artist, Animator, Icon Artist, Background Artist King_peggy: Thumbnails and Savestate Corrupted Logo Musician Joe Horse: DRA9ON5 Coder: Utquesadilla Charter: Menu Icons Credits

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