FNF: YuB rapping over South

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YuB is an internet rapper with his own YouTube channel who has now appeared in the world of FNF Games like many other internet celebrities before him and now you can challenge him to a rap battle as Boyfriend from a song called South. one. of the most popular songs of the series! Boyfriend Vs YuB, the hottest rap battle ever! There are no two modes in this game as there is only one song and you have to do the same as before, which is press all the notes of the songs according to their charts, reach the end of the songs and win! Playing notes in this rhythm game is done with the arrow keys, so when you see the arrows match over BF, you need to match the same arrows and time by pressing the keys at the same time. If you last to the end you will win, but be careful not to miss the keystrokes too many times in a row or you will lose the game. Good luck! Mod Developers: An_Unoriginal_Gamer: UB Charter: Rap Maker

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