Friday Night Fluffin

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This is the first time Ralsie has become a regular antagonist in our FNF games category, which we're excited about as he's always been a fan favorite and now you can meet the character in six songs over two amazing weeks. . Let's have fun with Ralsei and great music! Whether you choose to fight this character in the story mode where you have to win a week, or the free play mode where you have to win individual songs, the way to win is the same by reaching the end of the songs you do by playing all his notes. This means that when you see the arrow symbols floating and matching above BF's head, you need to press the identical arrow keys on your keyboard. Don't skip keystrokes several times in a row, as this will result in a loss. Good luck and all the best, we wish you all as always and invite you back as soon as possible! Mod Credits: Source: Main Host, SFM Cutscene Animator and GrapeLOL Dialogue: Person.exe Epic Programming: YendeyBoy Epic Programming: Murasaki_ Epic Programming_: Epic Programming EnhancedSugar: Irondog888 Core Charter: Joint Charter and Dialogue gaminbottomtext: Help with MP4 Support Ditchu: Artist -Sprite VoltBox: Sprite Artist FloofPuppy: 2D Cutscene Artist FoodieMellow: Background Artist

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