Friday Night Funkin’: The Spring Of Hell

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Boyfriend somehow ended up in the Sonic world again, but he, Tails, Knuckles and other characters in this universe have now become terrible creatures from hell, so you need not to be their friend, but to defeat them in rhythm battles. what we invite you to do in all the cool songs. It's the spring of musical hell with Sonic, right now, right here! Regardless of whether you play in story mode or free play mode, you will win the same way by reaching the end of the songs, and this can only happen if you play your notes at the right time during the game. This means pressing the arrows at the same time as matching the same arrow symbols above BF's head. Know that if you skip this or do it wrong too many times in a row, you will eventually lose the game and have to start over from scratch. Good luck, enjoy! Mod Credits: SMV5: Coder/Charter/Show Cutscene Animator Reda: Sprite Artist/Background Artist Casanova: Sprite Artist NeonZenerations: Future Vaporyx Artist: Icon Artist Meme Folder: Musician texar: Exeller Voices Junk Universe: Upcoming Animator?? Sonic Style: A buddy who will show me the Psych Engine 🙂 Fiesta: B's best friend)

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