Friday Night Funkin’: Untitled Remixes

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A brand new cool mod from FNF has just appeared on our website and we invite you to have fun right now with Friday Night Funkin': Untitled Remixes, in which the characters of the original weeks have been changed. and the songs have been remixed and this is true for Week 1 so far, with others coming soon so try to revisit this mod as often as you can! The untitled remixes are here, ENJOY THEM RIGHT NOW! In both story mode and free play mode, your goal remains the same: play all the notes of the songs according to the diagrams until you reach the end of them, that is, when you win, so when you see the arrow symbols above the BF Head match, make sure you press the same arrow keys yourself, and keep doing this until the song ends. Be careful not to miss pressing the right keys too many times in a row, because in this case you will lose and you will have to start over from scratch. Enjoy! Mod Developers: @JoanAtlas: Musician @Sulayre: Sprite Artist, Coder @srperez: Encoder Support @zavibaka: Background Artist @hayley_c0ntrol: Character Design Help @NeatoNG: Character Design Help

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