Friday Night Funkin’ vs Abigail

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Abigail may look like a human but she's actually an alien who crash landed on Earth and she didn't really like it, especially since Boyfriend found her and now she has to fight him with rap, something we We hope that you will help our main character win, because this is the most interesting thing you could get right now! Do it right now in this mod for the next songs. Boy vs Abigail, human vs alien! Well, as is customary in these rhythm games, when you see that it is your turn, the arrow symbols above the BF head will match each other, at which point you also need to press the same arrow keys, which you must save do to the end of the song to win. Be careful not to miss the opportunity to do this too many times in a row, otherwise you will lose. Choose between story mode and free play mode, then unlock this game right from the start! Mod developer: PixelatedEngie: Artist / Musician / Owner

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