Friday Night Funkin vs AMP

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Boyfriend is facing a lot of robots so far and it seems that he is still far from being done with them, like when our admin team is inviting you all to play a game called Friday Night Funkin vs AMP where AMP is brand new the robot that challenged BF and trust us when we say that he has musical ability which he will show in the following songs: Guy vs. AMP, human vs. robot! Choose to fight this character either in story mode or free play mode, it's up to you, and in both of them, do your best to have a good time so that you play all the notes of the songs according to their charts, come to the conclusion and win! How do you do it all? Well you are going to hit the arrow keys at the same time as the arrow symbols above the BF match each other and if you make it to the end you will win but if you miss too many notes in a row you will lose so be careful so this doesn't happen! Good luck! Mod Developers: Jesscapade: Turtlemobile Chief Modder: Jonnycat Consultant: Unofficial Mac port creator Toby Fox: Death by Glamor

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