Friday Night Funkin vs BERDLY

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Characters from Deltarune have already appeared in our FNF games category and since these mods have been so well received, we're really excited to have a brand new one like this one right now for you as we invite you all to play against Beardley. , whom you must defeat on his wonderful song called Smart Bars! Show Beardley who has the smartest barbells in the rap game! Press the play button, just like with one song, there is only one mode, and try to play all the notes of the song at the right time in the table so that you win the whole battle, which will happen if you reach its conclusion. Use the arrow keys for this, pressing the keys at the same time so that identical arrow symbols match up above BF's head, but be aware that if you miss pressing them too many times in a row, you will lose the whole game. Enjoy! Mod developers: Edwin (edvintually) – artist, animator, voiceover for birdles (cut-scene), coder, charter and visualizer for smart bars. jerm (PinkOvine) – composer, art for the title page, voiceover of birdla (song), really cool.

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