Friday Night Funkin vs Bongo Cat

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Needless to say, as it's pretty obvious already from the image of the game, but Bongo the Cat will be one of the cutest musical antagonists you'll ever come across in the FNF online games category, and we're very excited about this mod, as we hope you too, so we invite you to defeat this new character in all his custom songs: bongeao. Boyfriend VS Bongo Cat, fighting internet phenomena! Well, to hit the notes in such a reaction time game, watch when the arrow symbols above the BF head match each other, and when they match, be sure to press the same arrow keys at the same time, which you need to keep doing until the end of the song to win. Be careful not to skip keystrokes too many times in a row, as this will cause you to lose the game and have to start over from scratch. Good luck, enjoy, and as always we look forward to seeing you more! Mod developers: Mr.Meh5: Artist | LEAD DEVELOPER Alternate World: Coder EpicArt Developer: CarlDaBlob Coder: TQBM_Meta Coder: DeltaB Music Artist: BruhMomentTyler Music Artist: Miso Charter: Vb Assistant Substitute: Artist Mr. Compose: I forgot this person's role in the mod, just note that they helped make it work.

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