Friday Night Funkin vs Camellia v2

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The talented DJ known as Camellia is back to funk again with you and Boyfriend and in addition to the first four songs you saw in the previous version of her mod, we now have ten more songs for a total of 14 for you to play with them for a total of four weeks. Rap to the sickest rhythms of Camellia right now! Whether you choose to play in story mode or free play mode, the way to win is the same and that is to reach the end of the songs and play all of their notes according to the diagrams. To do this, you observe when the arrow symbols above the BF match each other and press the identical key, but be careful not to miss the keystrokes too many times in a row or you will lose. We wish you good luck, non-stop fun and we hope to see more of you here today, you won't want to miss all the great games we have in store for you! Mod Developers: SugarRatio: Artist Camellia: Music Fireable: Programmer TentaRJ: Programmer Foxeru: Charter roko100789: Charter Ragnarok VII: Charter Literally: NoOne: tictacto vocals: jinR vocals: Trailer

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