Friday Night Funkin vs Celestia

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As you probably guessed from her name, Celestia is a celestial being, more specifically an angel, who works in a movie theater while undercover in movies, but she had to reveal her true form to Guy when she saw him in movies, since she wants to challenge him in the battle of rhythms and we hope that you will help our main character to win in original songs. Help BF defeat the literal angel in a musical battle! After you choose between story mode and free play mode, place your bets in either one to reach the end of the songs and play all the notes according to the diagrams to win. How? Well, you use the arrow keys for this, pressing them at the same time as the arrow symbols above the BF, matching each other, and keep doing this until the end of the song. Know that if you miss pressing too many keys one after the other, you will lose the whole game, so don't let that happen unless you want to lose the game. Enjoy! Mod developers: Hamillan: composer, programmer, animator, illustrator CelestialResort: Celestia creator, concept art, HUD element skinning, illustrated by EndCard

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