Friday Night Funkin vs Che

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Che is a feline-looking street musician that Boyfriend and Girlfriend randomly meet on the streets and the two of them are going to fight him through a musical battle that you also have a chance to take part in, where you will have a lot of fun with some amazing original songs . Boy vs. Che, a vibrant musical battle is about to begin! Well, for starters, you will choose between story mode and free play mode, with the same goal in either of them, which is to reach the end of the songs by playing all their notes according to their diagrams, which you do by pressing arrow keys at the same time as matching the arrow symbols above BF's head. Be careful not to skip keystrokes too many times in a row, as this will result in you losing and having to start the game from scratch. Enjoy! Mod developers: Giggy draws: artist, animator, charter shcalda: Composer, Cleaned the charts Vikno: Composer [Turning Tracks Inst] Kattuss: Composer [Practical Studies Institute] Vemtvae: Coder

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