Friday Night Funkin vs FILIP Week 2

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Philip is a boy who is also a fox who can play the trumpet and sing, the classic original FNF antagonist that was already featured in our FNF online games category and we are happy that he is now back. with a new week and new songs for you as we invite you to play Friday Night Funkin vs FILIP Week 2. Lend your BF skills to beat Philip once again! This character can be fought in either story mode or free play mode, it's completely up to you and in both of them you have the same goal which is to hit all the notes of the songs at the right time until the end of them. To do this, when the arrow symbols above BF match each other, press the same arrow keys on the keyboard, but be careful not to skip too many notes in a row, because in this case you will lose and you will have to start over. Enjoy! Mod Developers: JosszzoL: Art, Graphics, Directing douggg: Scripting Jack: Composing Abbleducker: (Art) softbleded: composing (week 2) Fami: graphics (week 2) Jakads: graphics (week 2) Night Gaunts: write "Mosquitoes" [ I'm Going for a Walk Laura Stevenson and Jeff Rosenstock of Bomb the Music Industry!: Writing "FRRRREEEEEE BIIIIIIRRRRRD! FRRRREEEEEE BIIIIIIRD!!!! » [Respect everyone! (Except for John) Kill Lincoln: Writing "Fuck in Four Eyes" [Your 9 Lives of Propaganda: Writing "Ska Sucks" [title screen song] Bruce Lee Band: Writing "Free Breakfast!!" [Pause Menu Theme]

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