Friday Night Funkin’ VS Hat Kid

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Hat in Time is a fan made anime series from the internet and Hat Kid whose look you already understand is the protagonist and now that Boyfriend has ended up in his universe the only way for him to return is if you defeat the kid in a rhythmic battle that we invite you to do right now with this mod, in the following custom songs. Boyfriend Vs Hat Kid, an unforgettable musical experience! You can fight this character in either story mode or free play mode, the choice is yours, but in both cases, you have the same goal – to play the notes of the songs at the right time in the table. , winning as soon as you get to the end of the song. To do this, when the arrow symbols match above BF's head, you must press the same arrow key, but be aware that if you skip doing this too many times in a row, you will lose and be forced to start over from scratch. Enjoy! Mod developers: Kokoro Hatsaru: Literally almost everyone, main author lol LoganMcOof: author of hk soundfont Dark Android: future artist for GearsforBreakfast update: original authors of AHIT

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