Friday Night Funkin Vs Jenny

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Jenny is a robot girl from Boyfriend's school and after she challenged him in the hallway, he had no choice but to prove why he is the master of rhythm and defeat her, that you are here to help her with this awesome new FNF mod called Friday Night Funkin: Vs. Jenny, where you will have a musical battle for an original song called XJ! Boy vs Jenny School Musical Brawl! You are going to use the arrow keys to play the notes of the song in this game, so when you see the arrow symbols above the BF head match each other, you must press the same arrow keys at the same time and you have to keep doing this until the end songs to win, so don't miss the opportunity to hit too many keys in a row or you'll lose. Now that you've learned the basics of this game, we hope you'll start giving it a try right now and have fun as it's only possible on our site! Mod Developers: Klade250: Character Animation Programmer/Codder/Bg Toonbert: Bg Artist/Logo Artist Gosh: Sprite Artist Latte: Sprite Artist bbpanzu: Make Song "XJ9" Yorklay: Future Music 🙂 Chapalele: Charter

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