Friday Night Funkin Vs Kirb

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Kirb is a pink and yellow inspired Kirby Super Star as well as Boyfriend being a mix of these two characters and you will sing one song and four others with him against the four antagonists from the original game making this rather unique mod to have been added to our website, so we hope you don't miss anything. Have fun, sing and dance with Kirb! When you see matching arrow symbols above your character's head, i.e. when you have to press the same arrow keys, and if you keep doing it right until the end of the song, you win. Be careful not to skip keystrokes too many times in a row, as this will lead to losing and having to start over from scratch, which we definitely don't want you to do. Good luck! Mod developers: i-win: music, graphics and programming Kirby sprite DitzyFlama: Toby Fox's musical idea

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