Friday Night Funkin vs OK K.O.

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OK K.O. from the Cartoon Network show of the same name is now the latest musical antagonist that you and Boyfriend will have to fight in a rhythm battle on our website, which you will do on the track known as KnockOut where we are sure you will have fun as it is your first time playing against the characters of this favorite series! Knockout OK, knockout through the power of rhythm! As usual, watch for the arrow symbols above BF's head to match, and when they match, press the same arrow keys at the same time, which is what you need to do for the rest of the song to be the winner. Be careful not to miss pressing those keys too many times in a row, because if that happens, you will lose and have to start over from scratch, and we don't want that for any of you. We hope you win and have a lot of fun! Mod Developers: fueg0: Director, Musician, Coder fries0823: Co-Director, Lead Artist/Animator EJ40: Shadow Mario Charter: Game Engine

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